Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday (!)

Good Morning

Happy saturday peeps
What's for today ey? Hmmm
Woke up at 8 smething, then i can't sleep nemore
like always, typical mell. morning person katenye :P
So, here i am still in KL. At Muni's place.
wee ;)

We're going to some place today.
Where at? Ape lagi tmpt nk p kalo weeknd pakai kurung?
Of course la wedding en en?
So this afternoon off p wedding my schoolmate
then continue to other ceremony
 where muni's friend getting enggaged
Nasi Minyak yaw yaw!

Next plan?
Ehem ehem
Oh ya, Mood : MALP ;)
See you tonight my dear

Hope today is better than yesterday

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hungry (!)

I'm hungry baby
Someone please feed me?


tut tuttt tuttt..

Didie : Hello, pizza hut? I would like to order..

Okay thnks didie,
So Im not dying not anymore.
Pizza hut, Im waiting for you 
Please make it fast abg delivery


Lovas (!)

These people who made up my life again after a mentality break down, 
and Im so thankful cause they're always be there for me.
Without you guys, Idk where am I now.
No words can describe how much I love to being with you guys.
Million thanks, like seriously!




New HELL-O (!)

m,lala is back!

this time for good baby 

Hello peeps! 
Hell yeah, Im back AGAIN!
I do miss blogging damn fuckin much
so here I am to start blogging all over again
No more drama, No more sad face, No more any bad news!
Cause I'm living my life happily now,
without any problemo. uiks? No probs at all mell?
aha, I dont think so, but at least Im FREE!


To fellow followers & stalkers
you're welcome to view my blog
Dear haters, I dont care about you guys nemore
I dont give a shit fuck anymore.
Hope you guys happy FOREVER!
I pray for your happiness, Indeed ;)
As long as you didnt care abt me nemore okay?
Bye bye old probs, say hye to the new one.
Hahahaha, LOL :P

Ignore all those shits behind, cause I'm here craving for a brand new life
And here am I standing all alone with those beloved friends.
I feel blessed and happy to da max in the same time
I'm thankful for that