Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Girl (!)

Happy Birthday Fareeza Lala 
I love you to da bits!
Sweet sour 25 yrs old
Ups! haha :) 

Surprise kan die kt tempat practice
with all the dancers. hee :) 
tgh2 peluh pun layan ye?
at least die cm ala2 terkejut gak la
cuak nk masuk sbb gelap

Then kiteorg gerak p karok kt Beijing oh
damn, the place was damn nice!
Leopard printed die nye sofa la weyh
sungguh kagum. VVIP tau.
di taja oleh Aril da babom! :P
Thanks Thanks guys.

Oh btw, hope kamu suke la
Ulat beluncas ijau tembam tu ye?
sesuai ngn kamu bile da mkn choc tu skali.

Have fun my dear :)

Enough (!)

I had enough, like seriously
I want a peaceful life
Once in a life time, gimme please?

Define happiness


I don't know

- Dead -

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alert (!)


Babe, I don't need your pathetic sympathy. 

Please go away from my life. 

Whatever you want to do it's all up to you and i don't care.

Remember, I don't fucking care.

Leave me alone okay? 


thank HELL you 





Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Passion (!)

Hello my normal life,
This is what I do,
Yeap, Dancing all night long

I got dance competition for this coming Jan
So I need to dance my ass off
Left few weeks till the competition
Oh ya fever, I won't let you make me down
I got practice so don't make me suffer tonite
Cause I won't let you do it to me
Please fever, go away!

This is my passion, my life.
Dance is everything for me
I dance to release the tense
Yea, that's all

Bye fever
I hate you


Let it out (!)

My permanently best friend
I feel good with it
Whenever I lost my mind
Whenever I feel sad
Whenever or whatever I did
The best friend will always be with me

Thank you Cgga :)
You're the best ever
Even though you're not good to be friend with

Magic Dust (!)

If only I got those sparks
I will be shining all over again
Then we will be just fine
Hoping for something that hopeless
Now, everything is Impossible


Grenade (!)

I'm sorry about the last post
(I already deleted the post)
Being so emotional till I can't control myself
I shouldn't done that
Yea, I'm sorry to certain people
Sorry for cursing
I hated when I lost myself

What's up?
I still dunno what to do
Where to start?
Where to end it up?
I just let God plan everything
And I go with the flow

Pray for my happiness please?
I still can't accept for what just happened
I need time to recovering
baby, I'm really really sorry
I didn't mean to hurt you 
with those stupid words.
to you, tc of the One will you?
I just want you to be happy baby
That's all what I want for now

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Perfect two (!)

How I wish that we can be the



love who loves you,
because they feed you love
love who hates you, 
because they need your love


Life (!)

Looking out through the window 
hoping that my life would be better without you

And you'll be better with someone who deserve you the most
surely I'm not the one that you need

I just can't imagine how miserable my life would be
without you by my side

I'm still learning and trying to letting you go
even though its hard for me but I have too for your own good

Forgive me for all the mistakes that I have done
for everything that you have done, I do forgive but not to forget 
The lies hurt but those scars remain forever

I can't let go I dunno why and none knows I've tried
Still broken inside, I just can't believe that I still crying over you

What more can I say, What more can I do
I'm living a lie when I say I'm over you
Still falling apart, I'm broken of heart

Don't tell me you can, Don't say you'll be there
We've been here before and I can't take it anymore

 I know when you're lying without even trying
You're back in my life And I'm back against the wall

It's hard to saying this, but I have too


 to you, yes you.
do take care of my loved one
I know you deserve better than me
I'm hurting inside but that's the truth
I will be happy if the One is happy 
If the happiness is with you, then carry on
And yes please love the One like I did till now
My love for you never fade away baby


Yeah baby, you know what?
For you I will
Even the feelings are fading away
but my love for you still going strong
till when?

" you're still the one even though we're not meant to be together "

always & forever


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wattahell (!)

"See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil"

Hell-o Good people and also to the Bad one :)
Morning yeah. ihiks :P
Yes, I'm back after 4days in KL.
Tired and I had fun
Even smetimes i feel like shiitto.
Nvm, i used to be like that before.
Chillax ;)

Oh yeah,
seems evryone interested with my butt-kisser post.
you guys wanna know about it?
wanna know who and evrything?
It's enough for me to keep it by myself :)
No need to reveal it maybe.
* kdg2 aku ni baik gak. HAHA :P

Yes, one more thing 
I think got certain peeps cm xpuas hati je
aha, kt chat box cm nk perli2 je?
uhu. sorry la ye para blogger n pembaca
I uat blog ni for myself.
I wrote abt what happen to my life
and how it feels.
so is it wrong to MEROYAN?
aha, my blog. my life.
if you dont like it.
it's easy enough,

and if you followed me
then just click

I don't mind at all, you're free to go.
Thanks for viewing

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rawr (!)

I Love You!

But who?


Jeng Jeng Jeng

Of course not the para sundels :P
I mean those butt kisser, 
Hye stalker far away from teeet!
I hate you you you!

I'm going to KL this evening.
Bye bye Melaka :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mrs. Butt Kiss (!)

Hello peeps!
aha, nice picture ey?
yeah, dedicate to Mrs. Butt Kiss-My Ass!

Hey Mrs. Butt Kiss. You know what?
I hate you fucking effin much.
If I can slap your face,
Kick your Ass,
And slam your head to the door.
Oh miee gosh! I would love to do so.
I won't forget about you.
Not this time, Not anytime!
You you you.
Mrs. Butt Kiss-My Ass!

You make my life became more miserable,
Without you I could live my life happily.
Go and find your own life please?
And leave mine okay?
Piglet lah you you you!
Also to you so called,
Mr. Butt Kiss-Her Ass!

You You You You,
Can go die die die die.
Die faster so my life will become wonderful.

So long fucker!
heee :)

I want peace and War!
bye bye!

Ass-ignment (!)

Yeah, I'm a bit crazy.
Because of lotsa assignments need to be done.
Ish, I just can't wait till its over!
I hate you,

In the same time I'm busy with the practice,
Haih, lots of things to do la.
I'm tired la der.

Stress to da MAX!
okay bye

Monday, December 13, 2010

F (!)

Yes, I need to change.
Change to what?

Oh ya, 
Have you guys heard about,
Yes, I know.
Nice song.

But believe me,
there's no such thing as that.
There's no ONE IN A MILLION.
You're the one?
You're the only one?
You're my everything?
You You You!

There's no such a perfect OIAM.
No No No and NO!

Stop pretending that everything is wonderful.
HAHA, how lame is that?
Love lie.

Stop to make us falling to your stupid fake song!
I don't believe in any love song.
Not anymore.


end of post

Heartbeat (!)

Is it?

" Stop stealing my heart away "




S*cks (!)

Silent tears?

Surely do!

I just 
Hate My Life!

I just can't shut my mouth,
I just can't stop mentioning about everything,
I just can't stop looking,
I just can't stop thinking,
I just can't slow down my heartbeat,
I just can't!

I know you hate me,
I know you had enough of everything,
I know I'm such an annoying person,
I know you are f*king,
I know everything.
yes, everything

But why does every single thing happen to me?
I don't deserve all of those shit.
My life is miserable.
Unpredictable enough.
And right now I'm talking to myself.
Loser to be.

Yes, it's me.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hell-oo peeps! ;) 
yeah, I'm on holiday mood.
Hell yeah I'm fucking happy.
Goyang kaki all the time, yaw!
eventho holiday da nk abis pun.
Haha, bru nk update blog. Only one week.
Damn MMU la then -.-"

Okay, it's nearly a week.
I'm gonna heading back to Malacca soon.
Happy or Unhappy?
You guys choose one
But when it comes to assignments n classes
Okay, I'm not happy then. GAH!
Dance practice and the loved one?
Hmm, letme think abt it first.
So-so i think. It's like 50-50. Can huh?
Whatever. HAHA ;D

Im going to Kuantan then KL tmrw.
Road trip with family!
Yeahh, It's gonna be fun :)
Can't wait baybeh,
Auntie Bedah & Senah wait for us.
Heee ;)

Whatever it is, I still gonna say this.

I miss you
Damn much
You know that?
I dont think you know,
heartless as always.

I will always loving you, no matter what happen

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Copy CAT (!)

Hye stalker? 
eyh so called COPYCAT!

yes, da lame da nk uat post neh.
tp xpe sabaarr.
kenapa ey awak?
xde idea?
cm lebey kurang je saya nye ngn awk nye?
xsuke la. awk suke ea?
ha tulis kt bwh tu copyright *m,lala.
ley? xley? mesti xnk kan?
haaa tau da.

So jgn copycat please?
p cari idea lain
bukan cntek sgt pun idea saya.
okay okay awk?



# xde love post kali ni >:P