Thursday, August 4, 2011

Come back (!)


It's a come back for me, oh my gucci.
It's been ages since i updating my post
I miss my blog damn fucking much
ups! as you all know, it's now ramadhan


Have a great ramadhan peeps!
jgn ponteng puasa ye. yank yonk xelok :p
I need to fill up my blog with some new story about me of course
well, i will. just wait till i post the new one
heeeeeee ;)

Hope you guys surely did missed me when i'm gone
i'm just like those chipsmore. hahaha
but it's ok now because,




Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stalker (!)

    Stalking  Stalking Stalking!

That's all you know
No other things to do huh?
Pity you, let me give you some work 
Since you got NOTHING else to do

Enough viewing my page, will you?
Nothing interesting here 

Get a life okay?
Oh, I thought you already got one?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the BF (!)


" you're the sweetest drug ever "

ily. iny. imy



Saturday, March 12, 2011

Failure (!)

 This is too much.
Yeap, too much failure in my life. 
It just too much till I can't handle it nomore. 
Why those failure keep knocking on my door? 
For God sake, stop it will you?

Dear happiness,
I will keep on searching for you.
Eventho its effin hard for me to find it. 
Maybe this is what we call life and I do admit that..

'my life is damn suck'

Mell = Failure

I was born to be a failure maybe?
You such a Loser  




Empty feelings
Let it be


Friday, March 11, 2011

Imy (!)

tick tock.. tick tock.. 

7days to GO!

hey byboo, i mitch yew!


No matter how far you're gonna be,
I always feel like you're damn close to me,
Yea, you're always be here with me,
I'm not gonna get you out from my mind,
 I will keep you safe & lock it in my 


Melaka (!)


yes HELLO goddam place!
I dont like to be here, wek wek wek.
Not anymore, hahaha. And of course you know why
Actually it has been 4days I'm here in Melaka
I need to continue my study life,
So chaiyok mell, you can do it.
Ignore for what just happened before,
make a new life here with books and friends ;)

Let's struggle yaw!
I need to get the hell out from this place ASAP.
New life is waiting for me over there
Wait for me yea, I'm trying my best here
Don't you ever giving up on me,
Cause I wont ;)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nadiku (!)

Sabhi Saddi - Nadiku

Whenever I listening to this song, you'll always in my mind
I heart you much sugarpie