Thursday, September 30, 2010

Braces 101-a (!)

Part 1 : Thinking About Braces


Before you spend the time and money to straighten your teeth, here are some things you should know


  •  If you don't already have an orthodontist, get recommendations from friends or your regular dentist.   

  • Get at least two opinions, if possible, as a "sanity check." Orthodontists can vary in their treatment approach. If you don't like what one ortho says, get more opinions until you reach a consensus of opinion - especially if extractions or jaw surgery may be involved. Consultations are usually free. 

  • How much do braces cost? Typically, around $5,000 (US dollars) for braces on upper and lower teeth for two years of treatment. This cost may be slightly lower or higher, depending on where you live. 

  • If you can't afford braces from a private orthodontist, search the dental schools in your area. Many times, they provide low-cost orthodontic care. The orthodontists in training are under the watchful eye of their experienced professors, who are often orthodontists in private practice

  • Sometimes dental chains offer lower prices for orthodontic work, but you will be limited to their list of dentists.

  • Some discount dental plans offer lower prices on orthodontic work (it cannot be in progress; usually only new work is covered). One example of such a plan is, whose link is on the righthand side of this page. You are usually limited to their list of dentists.

  • Research your health plan (or your spouse's) to see if any of the treatment will be covered. Note that once you begin orthodontic treatment, many plans will not cover you! They only cover treatment that is not already in progress! So get your insurance straightened out before you begin! If you need any type of jaw surgery, this is usually covered under your medical insurance, not your dental insurance.

  • Be realistic about your own expectations, and the impact of braces in your daily life. Are you ready to have them in your mouth and deal with them 24/7?


    This is my first step for the making brace-face ;)

    I'm done here

    Mood : Absolutely Excited!


Passion (!)

"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night"



Mixed Post (! )

Hello Blogger!

Okay entry kali ni nk update sal macam2, 
dats why MIXED POST! * githuuu :P 
Yes saya mengaku da lame xupdate blog. Erh,
agak busy with exam ku and 2days xde tenet gara2 owner xbyr bill. 
sangat bijak die neh kan? grrr. 
okay xpe la da maafkan die sbb saya duk umah die so sorry owner ;)
Okay, lets continue (>.<)v

Happy Birthday Gundu

Actually, happy belated la kan skrg? nvm, nak update je serba sikit cite sal bday die. ehe ;) Bday die on 26th Sept, Sunday ;) celebrate kt Hotel Singgahsana, PJ. haa, nape kt hotel? Sebab die ade tourny futsal la, so terpaksa la saya menapak juga di sane tumpang ngn dak team lain, heee ;) nasib baik la mereka sporting abis. ROCK la korg :D

Surprised kan die ngn cake Fav die la kan, ade lilin due batang bersama Dino kecil due ekor, comel sangat okay! grr. GERAM! hehehe ;) Pegi beli cake time para player sume tgh briefing nk game esok nye, saya ngn hanim lari p beli cake. ngeh ngeh :P time die kua p amik mamat yg bru smpai dr jauh time tu laa kami siap2 nk pasang lilin sumee. YES! wa pgg cake dlm blik nk dkt 5mins gak weyh, da la berat. ketaqq tgn cek! haha :P then kua blik nynyi2 laaa, 


Meet My BFF
Khoonaq Lala ;)

Thursday, 28 Sept; 
Miss khoonaq lala cantek dtg melaka. Yes time tu saya la org paling happy dlm dunia. kenapa? sebab da setahun xjupe die, mesti la happy kan? ;)
So aritu kami jupe, die same husband die lah. ehem2 :P Drang tggu kt RNR ( the best ayam penyet eva in melaka :P ) jpe kt situ makan2 then lepak umah jap. 
yes kt umah je saya ngn khoonaq ape lg amik pic la. bergedik jap dlm blik. ckp2 cite2 n husband die da senyap kt luar tdo. cian penat sgt agaknyee. heee :D pic byk amik tp satu pun xley GIGIBIRU kt hp saya. ape daa. grr. xpe t email yee khoonaq ;) xlame pun kiteorg borak2, drang da nk gerak cause byk keje lg die nk settle.

Sayangku, eventhough kite jpe kejap je. its okay, i appreciate much :") 
I miss you girl, very much! Rindu nk baring same2 then cite merepek2, kamu men rmbut saya, saya men rambut kamu, cite tu cite ni, jalan sane jalan sini, haih. Precious moment ever :")
Thanks again for coming hunnay ;) Forget me not :D
I love you mucho mucho gracias :P 

Hope to see you again baby

That's all for now ;)

Hey, saya da abis Exam tau tau. MERDEKA! :D

Now busy with dance practice plak, time to loose some weight!

Bye korang, mwahs!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday ♥ (!)


When your birthday is approaching
I’m sitting here contemplating
Of a gift I should be buying
Something that would leave you feeling
That you are special without saying
Many ideas I was considering
But nothing came close than giving
A promise of my love to you with no ending
And this promise I shall be renewing
With each birthday you’ll be celebrating

Happy Birthday 



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exam, 2nd Paper (!)

Exam; Thursday which is tomorrow at 230 pm -.-'


But still wish me lots of luck guys, 

Yahooooo (!)

I will change things this 11 Oct 2010


I just can't wait yaw :) 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miawwww (!)


I'm bored. 
Saya Memell Lala ;)

" Nice to see, Nice to hold. Once broken consider SOLD "


L O V E (!)

"Love is just a word till someone you meet gives it a meaning."

I do believe the quote
Faith is what I need


Monday, September 20, 2010

Excited (!)

I will, Hope so!

Pray for me friends

The Wishlists (!)

♥  ♥

The LadyBird Treat (3D Cake)

The Froggie Blanket at IKEA

 Reebok White Black Freestyle

Iphone 3Gs 16GB

New skinny Jeans 

Hmm, i guess that's all for now. HAHA. 
Will update soon if i got new stuff to add up :P

Oh btw, pretty pleasee? 


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hoping (!)

Simple Words for this Pic :  
On The Way :)


Admire This (!)

If i could DANCE like this ♥ ♥

Sunday Morning (!)

Exam!  Exam!  Exam!
Tomorrow, ARGH! My First paper for the Finals.
Stress to the MAX cause I'm not well prepared actually, Im Dead!
 20 Sept - BOM
23 Sept - BEC
28 Sept - BIS
 Wish me luck guys, GOOD LUCK mell (!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday (!)

Happy Friday People! 

Yeah, you guys can see my BIG smile aite?
Im tremendously Happy today. 
I meant from yesterday laa :) why why? because Im with my KEMOK yaww <3 :)

And of course, imyb * wink ;) 


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Raya at Kerteh (!)


Okay, tu pewit baik punya yea, makna mendalam tu. HAHA :)) Yes, today seharian berjalan oh, damn I am effin happy cause last year xsempat nk beraya dgn kawan2 sume but this year I HAD FUN!  ehe ;) 
After Zohor je diya datang umah, yes cm biasa lah bergossip ngn mak dulu kan? haih -.-' okay malas nk cite the sad part, its over da pun. chillax :) Then kiteorg gerak p umah juni, first umah yg kami serang. hik hik ;) kat sane fifi datang, yes start la pot sanee pett siniii. pott peett jela, ye la lame xjupe kan. hehe :) sambil2 plan nk p mane pastu. Tengah best discuss hujan lebat oh, aiseyh tp xpe rahmat Tuhan ;) So, tggu reda sket kiteorg pun gerak umah aifaa dulu ade open house, YEAY! :) omigoshhh! sangat la sedap mkanan cikgu kay ( cikgu time saya tadika, mak kpd junior skola saya, cool kan kan? ) masak oh, BEST GILE okay! saya mkn paling banyak, ngeeee >,< kat sane jupe jugak juniors ku yang lain. Semua pun da besar oh, cm xcaya je. ish ish. Yela, people change kan :)

" Juni's house - Fifi amik pic :) "

We proceed our Raya, p amik mardiana kt umah die dlu then trus p umah ex komander sekolah/ketua pengawas, cik rahimi ye :) The best part dpt Good News! abg saya ni da Tunang <3 oh ;) Tahun depan insyallah kawen ye cik abang? Congrats my dear friend! ;)) ok sambung, makan dah, pic pun da byk amik. So gerak p Raya umah mardiana plak, cott ceettt pok peeettttt blaaa blaaaa okay abis! LOL :P ( time tu sume pun merepek sal kawen, okay i dunt like to hear or story mory about that. enuff said -.-' ) Teeeeeeeeet!! 

" Rahimi's house - adik die yg ensem amik pic, tu yg cm cover2 sket :P "

Abis je Rahimi makan nasi minyak * sbb die makan paling lembab skali cm mkn beradab je ha, hnff hnfff ( nafas tahan sabar, LOL ) Then trus gerak pegi Pantai Kemasik ;) Haaa, ape kiteorg uat kat sana? Yea, ape lagi amik pic banyak2 laaa, miahahahha ;)) kat sane Afiq Mat Nor (Afiq Clair, name glemer) :P join kami uat ala2 photoshoot reunion batch 86 secara kecil-kecilan :P Sambil amik pic sambil bergossip lagi, mmg xpnah lagi ngn gossip lah aku neh. HAHA :) Pastu cm da gelap kami pun gerak lik. Bye2 korg :'( bile lg nak jupe? * time rahimi kawen la kan? Insyallah ;) Serious da lama xjupe drang sume, then cite2 sume. Best sangat oh, rindu time skola bile da dpt kumpul cmni happy xterkata ;) Thnks guys, I do had fun today <3 ;)

Okay ni sedikit sebanyak pics kat pantai tadi, nk tgk yg lain kt Facebook ye ;) Enjoy <3

Otw to Pantai Kemasik
 weeee ;)
Atas batu kami bertenggek :P  

hero idaman :P

 Okay malas nk ltk pic da, lappie AL- LEMBAB! bikin aku panas je la, and Sorry to Aifaa, kite xsempat nk berpitcha, dats why xde pic with her ;( So stop kat sni dlu la yea, pape pun time kaseh kawan2 ku sayang ;)

i leph yuh guys! 
xoxo, thenameismell >,<

Salam Aidil-Fitri (!)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil-Fitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin ;)

Sorry for all the wrongdoings and harsh words that I've done and said. As a human being that can't run from doing mistakes. Salam
Yeap, I know its kinda late but hey its still Raya what, kata Raya sebulan. Heee ;) Pejam celik pejam celik da Raya ke-6 ha today. Kejap je kan? cam tak Raya pun ada -.-' 

Ya la, this year i didnt feel the excitement at all, how sad it is aite? my beloved tok ayah have passed away nearly a year ago. Dia meninggal time tgh menyambut Raya jugak lah. Kira last year pun kami sume tak celebrate Raya sbb Arwah tok ayah sakit, xley bangun, baring je atas katil, ckp pun xboley :( die kene stroke Ramadhan last year. Baju Raya thn lepas pun xabis pakai, sbb nye duk umah and xde mood lngsung nk beraya. Pagi Raya pun sume berendam air mata je, tp Arwah xsuka org sedey2 sebab die. haih :"( Arwah baik, rajin, suke gurau2 and all the good things is on him, seriously do :') Kiteorg semua memula xcaya bile jadi sume neh. Tapi xpe la, at least die tanggung sakit die jap je. Allah s.w.t lagi sayangkan Arwah and I do love you eventho you're not with us nemore. Endless love. 

" Raya 3years ago, Arwah tok ayah pakai jubah putih - We no longer took a picture like this, without him is not the same anymore :( "   

Semoga Roh Arwah Tok Ayah tenang kat sane, Amin :')


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dushh (!)

" Karma is a real BITCH ! "

yes, it is! -.-' 

I'm not simply mencarut or what. unless you guys dunno what 'KARMA' is about. in my late status in fb i do mention about this thingy. lets back off cause I do believe in karma, so i won't let karma bitching with me. I WON'T! pfttt.

Enough said *__*

Hello (!)

Ehem ehem, Hello people ;) Yeap yeap im NEW here, as you all know la kan. hee ;) so hope yg mane follow mell ni ampun yea kalo page ni cm ala2 buruk sket. aha. i xreti lg la nk men ngn HTML neh :P hope you guys ley tlg bg tunjuk ajar, ihiks ;)
Yeah, for the first post im not gonna tell who am i, what the purpose of im doing this blog and so on cause everybdy already known as we all write a blog of course we want to express our feelings or maybe our write about our daily life aite? but for me its about evrything ;)

So, welcome to my page ;)