Thursday, August 4, 2011

Come back (!)


It's a come back for me, oh my gucci.
It's been ages since i updating my post
I miss my blog damn fucking much
ups! as you all know, it's now ramadhan


Have a great ramadhan peeps!
jgn ponteng puasa ye. yank yonk xelok :p
I need to fill up my blog with some new story about me of course
well, i will. just wait till i post the new one
heeeeeee ;)

Hope you guys surely did missed me when i'm gone
i'm just like those chipsmore. hahaha
but it's ok now because,




Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stalker (!)

    Stalking  Stalking Stalking!

That's all you know
No other things to do huh?
Pity you, let me give you some work 
Since you got NOTHING else to do

Enough viewing my page, will you?
Nothing interesting here 

Get a life okay?
Oh, I thought you already got one?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the BF (!)


" you're the sweetest drug ever "

ily. iny. imy



Saturday, March 12, 2011

Failure (!)

 This is too much.
Yeap, too much failure in my life. 
It just too much till I can't handle it nomore. 
Why those failure keep knocking on my door? 
For God sake, stop it will you?

Dear happiness,
I will keep on searching for you.
Eventho its effin hard for me to find it. 
Maybe this is what we call life and I do admit that..

'my life is damn suck'

Mell = Failure

I was born to be a failure maybe?
You such a Loser  




Empty feelings
Let it be


Friday, March 11, 2011

Imy (!)

tick tock.. tick tock.. 

7days to GO!

hey byboo, i mitch yew!


No matter how far you're gonna be,
I always feel like you're damn close to me,
Yea, you're always be here with me,
I'm not gonna get you out from my mind,
 I will keep you safe & lock it in my 


Melaka (!)


yes HELLO goddam place!
I dont like to be here, wek wek wek.
Not anymore, hahaha. And of course you know why
Actually it has been 4days I'm here in Melaka
I need to continue my study life,
So chaiyok mell, you can do it.
Ignore for what just happened before,
make a new life here with books and friends ;)

Let's struggle yaw!
I need to get the hell out from this place ASAP.
New life is waiting for me over there
Wait for me yea, I'm trying my best here
Don't you ever giving up on me,
Cause I wont ;)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nadiku (!)

Sabhi Saddi - Nadiku

Whenever I listening to this song, you'll always in my mind
I heart you much sugarpie



Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Saturday (!)

Good Morning World :)

Yea, I'm still on my bed. Such a lazy ass
With lappy, phones and other stuffs,
I would rather stay on the bed than do netting else
But I just can't, I need to packing
I'm leaving my hometown today, off to KL with the big brother
Omiegosh, damn lazy to packing. brr! 
Just now mum said we're gonna leave at 10 or 11am
But the big bro still on the bed, staying up late like always
I think 12 or 1pm would be better for him,
typical brother -.-"

Okay, I'm so looking forward to meet my byboo!
Yeay! I just cant wait sayang ;)
Not to forget my dearest friends too,
Please wait for me and I don't want to miss any FUN there!
Next? Melaka? erk. If i could stay there in KL with them
And no need to go back there, oh my.
How I wish to do so! but I just can't :(
Another sem left, come on mell. You can do it!
Hell yeah I can ;)

"Leave all those shitto behind, I don't give a fcuk anymore"

Fcuk for those who struggle to let me down before,
Yeah congrats cause you guys did it! For once!
But now days I'm getting stronger than before,
stronger than you guys could imagine, FY
I'm happy now with you, yeah them :)
Thanks for everything moron
I owe you a BIG time! Karma is around baby
Just sit and wait, that's all

Gonna start packing now!
Bye bye Kerteh :)
See you soon LOVES!

Friday, March 4, 2011

AP (!)

My dear AP 

Thank God I found the right hand to pull me up all over again,
I do appreciate for everything you've done to me
All my life all I'm asking for someone to love me more than I love you
And I still hoping for that to happen, I do trust you :)
Yea, I do love everything about you
Your presence makes me smile,
Your care makes me adore you,
Your voice makes me melt inside,
Your love makes me like WHOA!


Meeting you was fate, 
becoming your friend was a choice, 
falling in love with you was beyond my control!

"I started living the day I met you"


Hey (!)

Call me a slut, call me a whore. Call me annoying, call me a bore. 
Call me whatever the hell you adore, 
Cause I don't care anymore


Booo Hoo you!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday (!)

Good Morning

Happy saturday peeps
What's for today ey? Hmmm
Woke up at 8 smething, then i can't sleep nemore
like always, typical mell. morning person katenye :P
So, here i am still in KL. At Muni's place.
wee ;)

We're going to some place today.
Where at? Ape lagi tmpt nk p kalo weeknd pakai kurung?
Of course la wedding en en?
So this afternoon off p wedding my schoolmate
then continue to other ceremony
 where muni's friend getting enggaged
Nasi Minyak yaw yaw!

Next plan?
Ehem ehem
Oh ya, Mood : MALP ;)
See you tonight my dear

Hope today is better than yesterday

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hungry (!)

I'm hungry baby
Someone please feed me?


tut tuttt tuttt..

Didie : Hello, pizza hut? I would like to order..

Okay thnks didie,
So Im not dying not anymore.
Pizza hut, Im waiting for you 
Please make it fast abg delivery


Lovas (!)

These people who made up my life again after a mentality break down, 
and Im so thankful cause they're always be there for me.
Without you guys, Idk where am I now.
No words can describe how much I love to being with you guys.
Million thanks, like seriously!




New HELL-O (!)

m,lala is back!

this time for good baby 

Hello peeps! 
Hell yeah, Im back AGAIN!
I do miss blogging damn fuckin much
so here I am to start blogging all over again
No more drama, No more sad face, No more any bad news!
Cause I'm living my life happily now,
without any problemo. uiks? No probs at all mell?
aha, I dont think so, but at least Im FREE!


To fellow followers & stalkers
you're welcome to view my blog
Dear haters, I dont care about you guys nemore
I dont give a shit fuck anymore.
Hope you guys happy FOREVER!
I pray for your happiness, Indeed ;)
As long as you didnt care abt me nemore okay?
Bye bye old probs, say hye to the new one.
Hahahaha, LOL :P

Ignore all those shits behind, cause I'm here craving for a brand new life
And here am I standing all alone with those beloved friends.
I feel blessed and happy to da max in the same time
I'm thankful for that


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stop (!)

Maybe I should stop blogging 
and shut down this blog forever
Is it the right thing to do?

I'm tired of pretending to be okay
tired of being effin nice
I need some time on my own
to move on, yes MOVE ON

Gimme me some space to breathe
will you?

Thank you

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2k11 (!)

Happy New Year!


It's a new number for me
New journey to be

 My Resolutions;


New memories, new mistakes, new heartaches, 

new people, new tears, new laughs, 

new beginnings, new goals, new you, 

new year ;) 



* Insyallah *