Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dance Competition (!)

Acardia Group - MMU Melaka

13 Nov 2010
8pm, MITC

" Kebabom! haaaa, Baik punyaaa! "


Hello yaw! Sorry for the long lost. Heee ;)
Yeah, nk cite sal last week nye competition.
Setelah penat berhempas pulas prctice hari2,
Lebam sana sni, Sakit blkng yg tak terkata,
Pergh, mcm2 laa sakit nyee :/

But it's all worth it when we Won the competition. 
Yihaaaa! I love you guys lah ;)
But seriously dance kali ni sgt laa penat,
smpai kene minum 3 tin Redbull before start perform.
Hahahahah! Over kan? tp xpe la at least ley kurus :P

Owh bile da menang ingt boley relax weyh,
Oh NO! ade comp lagi kene p kt Bukit Jalil 
this Wed, 24Nov ;)
Kali ni wakil Zon kene compete ngn Zon len
Ouch, mesti lagi susah. fuhh!
but then, We try to do our best!
Come on Acardia Group!

Goodluck all & Wish me luck ;)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memell Hilang (!)

Memell Lala!

Hello korang, heee ;) Lame x mell hilang?
Lame kan? Sape rindu angkt tangan pls?
Heeeeeeeeee ;)

Sorry laa byk masalah jiwa dan raga.
Ape masalah nye?
Bia lah rahsia. 
Kalo cite sampai bebile pun xabis.
Jum enjoy je lah ye!
Heeeeeee ;)

Okay janji xilang da okay?


Thursday, November 4, 2010

HELL-O (!)


Yeah, I'm back :)
For good maybe, heeeee!
For my late post, just ignore bout it.
I'm trying to recover myself from everything that happened
I'm cool, I'm strong, I'm Hell-yeah!
Haha. A bit perah-santan there.
But that's me now 
Support me then


Last few days, I keep on thinking
Lots of thinking, but it was all not worth it
So let just said that everything that happen
comes with a very valuable reason 
Go with the flow and remove all the negative
thinking, of course!
Start a new day with a brand new me
All by myself, Happy to be
HELL-O peeps!




Tuesday, November 2, 2010

disappear (!)

I'm Sorry guys.

I need some time to calm myself down

So I won't blogging till the day I'm surely okay 


Sorry again


Monday, November 1, 2010

LTM (!)

I just wanna be NUMB
I don't wanna feel a thing
I don't want reality
Actually, reality stinks

How about we just pretend
That your cellphone didn't even ring
And that I wasn't on the other side of the door
Listening to everything, tell me another lie 

Please make me believe
That there's nobody for you BUT me
When I ask who were you talking to
Tell me it was KIMBERLY

Tell me THAT last night you didn't leave
After you thought I was asleep
Krept back in that 6:45
Tell me it was just a dream

Baby I need, desperately, desperately to believe you
'Cause I won't be held, responsible
For what  I might to do me another lie 
I don't wanna know what I know to be true
What I need you to do, tell me another lie 

Why me? 
It's hurt me much.
You and I just a stupid quote I believe

I hate that I love you
Rewind and stop!